PowerSplint finger splint guard brace protection brace for Basketball NBA

Basketball is a sport where finger injuries occur very often. Players reaching in to strip away the ball, catching the ball incorrectly, tipping hard passes, etc. Finger protection is a must for many basketball players as they can't worry all game long about a small amount of contact sending them to the sidelines, or worse, to the locker room.

The first professional athlete to use PowerSplint in an NBA game was Trevor Booker, then of the Washington Wizards. Trevor had been bothered by a dislocated index (pointer) finger on his shooting hand. After testing out a PowerSplint we sent him, he decided to wear one in a game vs. the Dallas Mavericks. The result that night? 10 points and a career-high 19 rebounds! Not having to worry about a finger and concentrating on the game can make a big difference and we're proud to be the finger guard that helped it happen! Other NBA athletes that have used PowerSplint include Nazr Mohammed, Brandon Davies and players on the Golden State Warriors, LA Clippers and other teams around the league. 

Jesse Rhinier
Jesse Rhinier


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