How To Fasten

Fastening Instructions

Please take 2 minutes to learn how to properly fasten a PowerSplint.

When correctly fastened, PowerSplint will offer amazing finger protection, a full range of finger motion, and no discomfort. A proper tape job takes no more than 20 seconds.

Step 1

Place the PowerSplint on top of your finger and fasten the front velcro strap.

Step 2

Use a strip of athletic tape that is 1/3 inch wide (.8 cm). Any wider does not increase protection but may impede finger motion. Start by placing one end of the tape strip on top of the PowerSplint just behind the hinge area. While pushing the opposite side wing into the back of your finger (see red arrow), wrap the tape around the back of your finger 1.5 times until the tape is on the underside of your finger. This creates the anchor for your tape job.

Step 3

The next step is to create the front loop. This is what provides PIP (middle joint) protection from dislocations and jams. First, bend your finger just slightly downward. Then, with the tape on the underside of the finger, wrap the tape at an angle from the back underside up and around the front of the hinge area. Tuck the tape under the wings on both sides as you wrap this loop (see red arrow). The tape on the bottom of your finger is only behind the PIP (middle) joint, never in front.

Step 4

Repeat steps 2 and 3 by wrapping again around the back (the Anchor) and then wrapping again around the front (the front loop)

Step 5

Finish on top: Wrap the tape again around the back (Anchor) until the tape is on top of the PowerSplint, then cut or tear the tape. You don’t want the tape to end on the bottom as it may come undone.

Step 6

Re-fasten the front velcro. This step is optional. If the sports tape is overlapping the front velcro (this is likely to happen with a small PowerSplint) then unfasten the front velcro and re-fasten it, covering up any overlapping sports tape.

Step 7

You are now finished. Here are pictures showing what a proper tape job looks like. Notice that when you bend your finger, the back of the PowerSplint lifts up a little. Don't tape too far back and not allow the back of the PowerSplint to lift up like this.

Full range of finger motion

Fits inside baseball/softball mitts and on top of football/batting gloves

PowerSplint Medical Summary

Uses and Limitations

Powersplint provides static protection against finger injuries. The straps and padding have some dynamic stretch, allowing for limited finger flexion and increased hand use. It protects primarily the proximal interphalangeal joint (against impact from all angles, including side impact) and provides some distal interphalangeal protection also.

Powersplint is an excellent product to use for prevention and recovery from finger sprains and strains. It can be used during recovery from phalangeal fractures and proximal interphalangeal joint injuries, including boutonniere injuries, dislocations, and fracture dislocations. It can give support for distal interphalangeal joint injury recovery, including bony and soft tissue mallet injuries and distal phalangeal fractures.

Powersplint is not designed for primary treatment of acute unstable fractures or fracture dislocations or acute tendon injuries. Its use in these or other situations should be at the sole discretion of a trained medical professional.

Please watch the short demo video at, which further demonstrates how Powersplint works and also explains the proper way to fasten a Powersplint for maximum protection and mobility.