Basketball Player Review! “This thing really works!”    ★★★★★

I ordered my PowerSplint last week and have used it in pick-up basketball twice so far since I don’t want my finger to dislocate again. I have to say – this really works. It’s totally soft and comfortable to wear but at the same time it absolutely cannot be bent, even if hit really hard. I’m probably going to wear this for many years as I’m not sure my finger will ever regain full strength.
I’d suggest this to anyone, definitely should have been available a long time ago.

Michael B.
San Francisco, CA – September 2014

Football Player Review! “Allows me to play again”    ★★★★★

“Finally, a splint geared for athletes.  I had been wearing a normal splint and playing very cautiously because I knew if my finger took a hard hit it would aggravate the sprain.  Wearing a PowerSplint allowed me to stop playing so timidly because if I get hit this thing won’t break or bend and my finger is safe.  It’s actually pretty cool looking too.  Got shipped to me right away so great service here also.”

Richard M.
Baltimore, MD – September 2014

Basketball Player Review! “Protected my damaged finger tendon”    ★★★★★

“I’m a basketball player with a damaged ring finger tendon.  I needed to keep playing but I also couldn’t risk getting my finger hit so I ordered a PowerSplint and it’s been perfect so far.  No way this thing will ever bend into my damaged finger if someone hits me.   It’s also comfortable and soft.. Great product!”

Joe T.
Ottawa, Canada – September 2014

Helps protect dislocation    ★★★★★

I ordered this so I could play in my high school basketball game this past week. I had dislocated my finger in practice. Wearing tape is no good because if I get hit again the tape doesn’t protect anything. Plus I can’t play with 2 fingers taped together. The Powersplint actually does work. I don’t even notice it when playing but I do know my finger is safe.

Mike W.
Fayetteville, NC

Works for softball    ★★★★★

I bought this for my daughter because she kept getting her finger hurt in softball. The powersplint fit inside her glove and she was able to catch and field normally, without interference. This device just really protects against unexpected hits. She’ll probably wear it for other sports too.

John L.
New York, NY

Baseball    ★★★★★

My son recently fractured his pinky on his throwing hand. The power splint allowed him to pitch only 14 days after the injury. The above the finger design not only protected his finger, but allowed for a normal feel for the baseball.

We taped a foam wedge under his finger for gripping a bat in conjunction with the Power Splint and it worked great. Maybe in the future Power Splint could make an additional piece to help batters in baseball.

I would highly recommend this product not only to people active in sports, but anyone who wants to protect an injured finger with a more natural feel for everyday activities. I wish I had this product when I was younger.

Thanks Power Splint.

Sarah L.
San Diego, CA

Gaelic Football    ★★★★★

I got a powersplint for a finger I dislocated playing gaelic football ( a common injury in this sport) and having dislocated a finger before, the return to confidence was unbelievable with the powersplint. Wish I had this the first time around.

Maureen O.
Fort Worth, TX

Aussie rules football    ★★★★★

I have a slightly fractured fingerknuckle on my right ring finger. I play aussie rules football in Australia and found strapping/splinting this injury before a game with tape and padding seriously affected the way I held the ball and kicked for goals. If I removed the splinting, my finger was immediately and easily vulnerable to jarring (from pretty insignificant bumps or mistimed attempts to catch a ball) that would be extremely painful and cause the finger to swell and be effectively useless for half an hour.

I searched the internet for the best product and choose to order a couple of powersplints from the USA. They came quickly and were a terrific choice. I have complete confidence in the finger being protected to the extent that I do not think about it at all during a game of anything.

All in all, an inexpensive, accessible, simple product that performs better than exactly what it says and is highly recommended.

Chris C.
Melbourne, Australia

Calvin Spector    ★★★★★

This product really does work. I used to tape my fingers to play basketball but now I just fasten on a PowerSplint in 10 seconds and I’m good to go. Definitely would suggest this to fellow athletes

Calvin S.
New York, NY

Good job!    ★★★★★

I got a pretty severe finger jam playing hoops. I’ve used the metal splints, Popsicle stick splints, and various taping techniques in the past but your powersplint is the best and has kept me in the game.
Thanks for doing that!
I’ll look forward to seeing what improvements you plan on making.
Best wishes for continued success,

J. Clarke
London, UK




NFL Review from the Jacksonville Jaguars! “… the splints have been a hit.”

“Splints are working well, we have used them primarily with the lineman who have jammed/sprained fingers and the splints have been a hit. Thanks for the great product.”

Rod Scott, Associate Athletic Trainer
Jacksonville Jaguars, LLC – October 2014

NCAA Football Review from Temple University! “… we have success protecting players with finger injuries in all positions.”

“We have been using the PowerSplint since the beginning of our football season and we have success protecting players with finger injuries in all positions. It is extremely valuable in protecting those athletes that handle the football; Running Backs, Wide Receivers, Tight Ends, and Defensive Backs. The device is very easy for our Athletes to use on their own which allows my staff to concentrate on other Athletes.”

Al Bellamy, Director of Athletic Training
Temple University Athletics – September 2014

NCAA Football Review from Tarleton State University! “… My athlete really likes the splint we put on him. He wears it every day.”

“My athlete really likes the splint we put on him. He wears it every day.  We will definitely be interested in purchasing more in the future. I will get back in touch with you whenever we decide to get more, thanks!”

Jacob Fain, M.Ed, LAT – Head Athletic Trainer
Tarleton State University – Memorial Stadium – October 2014

NCAA Football Review from Kentucky State University! “… I am really impressed with this product.”

“I have a player who is actually using the splint and he absolutely loves it! He is the only athlete I have right now with any finger issues. I will for sure contact you. He loves this product and am a firm believer now. I am really impressed with this product. Thanks again and once we need some more I will for sure be giving you a call.”

Josh Martoccio, MS, ATC, Head Athletic Trainer
Kentucky State University – October 2014
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