The story behind PowerSplint

In 2005, PowerSplint President Jesse Rhinier dislocated a finger for the first time while playing basketball. Over the next couple years he continued to dislocated & jam several fingers. Jesse tried every splint that existed but none worked for sports. They either completely interfered or they couldn’t withstand hard hits and didn’t stop the injuries. Buddy taping was the worst option. He tried taping two fingers together but that interfered tremendously.
After extensive research both online and in medical and sports stores, Jesse realized that no sports finger protection existed anywhere. If he was going to be able to protect his fingers while competing he was going to have to invent a special splint just for athletes. So one day he went to an iron welder in the East Village of Manhattan and asked to have a small piece of iron cut & bent to fit over the top of his finger. Jesse knew that iron could withstand hard hits. He also knew that if he only wore the iron piece on top of his finger it wouldn’t interfere with his game.
Jesse wrapped the iron in foam, cotton & sports tape and started wearing this special sports splint every time he played basketball or any sport and guess what? The finger injuries STOPPED! Realizing he had a product that athletes all over the world needed, Jesse decided to turn his invention into PowerSplint. By consulting professional engineers, designers, doctors and athletes Jesse was able to develop the perfect athletic finger guard using a special type of impact-resistant plastic (no more metal) shaped to fit around the top & sides of a finger. He added two types of adjustable, flexible velcro straps so that the splint would fit firmly & comfortably and would stay in place all game long.
PowerSplint is now worn worldwide by amateur and professional athletes in many types of sports. We are extremely proud to be helping athletes everywhere!

Jesse Rhinier
Jesse Rhinier


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